Monday, April 30, 2007

Birthday, Basketball and OWIE

Well, Tori is now 15, and she starts off her year with a zinger! She jams her thumb into a flying basketball on the game on Sunday, and dislocates it. She then pops it back into place, and screams and cried. IT was PAINFUL! She is bent over and now, I need to play Mom instead of being Fan. Fortunately, I had an ice pack in my bag so we placed it on the sore thumb. It put her out for the rest of the game, but they ended up winning by 4 points! I will need to scrapbook this picture!
I will put it an OUCH!!! Well, let's just say she is now smiling because at least it is splinted, and it doesn't hurt as much, but it still itches! (and it isn't broken!) What a way to start out her 15th year!...and oh, btw, she drove in the parking lot at Bethany Church......look out world! She's starting to DRIVE!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wanjette's Tournament 2007

Gee, my first thoughts are...they won their game, and they are having a good time Celebrating!...well,
guess again! They lost, one showed up late (made it for the second half because she left her shoes at home and her mom went to the wrong school gym.) and so, they played with 5 girls during the first half the whole time. The girls lost to a younger team, but they did have fun. Elizabeth is the tall one with the 2 fingers up, and she is so cute and friendly. She helps make the group goofy. Stephanie is the shortest one (22) and she is silly and cute too. Robyn (10) and Nicole (00) are both fun, and silly too. Olivia (12) is shy but, made some impressive shots so that our team wasn't completely shut out! And then there is Tori (20). What can we say about Tori? Well, Tori almost fouled out, and didn't make any points in the first game, but she came through with some good plays. She did score 3 of 4 baskets from the line on Sunday. Overall, the Wanjettes Tournament was fun. Now, we have to get geared up for the Gardena FOR Tournament May 4-5-6.....let's hope we win at least 1 game! (instead of losing all 3 games this time...but...they played with HEART!!!) We hope Marissa recovers from her ACL surgery (this last week, so she'll be out for the rest of the year) and Tiffany comes back from her religious retreat refreshed, and ready to play, and Kelley comes back after her vacation well as Olivia, who missed the last game on Sunday...we could've used her shots!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Visit a friend of mine...

This site is a friend of mine...and she makes these wonderful bags....Go see her site...she is really talented, and loves to sew (LIKE I USED TO!)...You can also visit her website to see more designs, and her lovely family!....and to see other photos of my stuff...go to

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Altered Lunchbox tin

Tin Lunchbox class, using the NEW double sided Designer papers!
I love these new papers..they have so much color and sparkle to them! The stamp sets that go along with them are great too! I added a silk flower to the front and a button, with ribbons from Michaels' to embellish the handle. I found a template on a website that made cutting the papers easier!...If you can't come this weekend to the class, make sure you let me know that you're interested...I would love to see you sometime!


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